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Some of my paintings and photographs are available as greeting cards through my husband's greeting card company, Red Oak Publishers. Here's a link.

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Valerie Mangion 

14872 Creek Lane

Muscoda, WI 53573

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Someone I hadn't seen in awhile recently asked me, "Are you still trying to sell your paintings? I told him, "Well, it's more like I'm still trying to NOT sell my paintings." I have a hard time letting go of my paintings. However, I am not getting any younger and I do want to place them in good homes before I die and my poor nieces have to drag them out to the curb. Towards that end, much of my work is for sale. Prices range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on size, complexity, age, time and my level of attachment to any given work. In general, when pricing a painting, I determine the lowest price under which I would rather just hang on to the painting. ("We've already established what you are, Madam. Now we're merely haggling about the price.")

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