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The Early Years 1979 - 1989


To see even older work, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page. There is a separate section of...EEK! Student work...

After art school, I moved to Chicago. I became a (sort of) radical feminist and did a bunch of paintings about matriarchy and patriarchy, etc. (Did you know that women did the cave paintings?)


After a brief move back to the 'burbs to live with my mom after my dad died, I got a car and moved to Seattle. In Seattle, in the mid 1980's, I became a vegetarian and animal rights activist, got my first pet rat and did a lot of angry, political paintings about man's inhumanity to animals. I protested weekly against a dizzying array of abuses. I lived in Seattle for eight years, got married and later divorced, then moved back to the mid-west in 1990 to attend graduate school. 

Student Work
1977 - 1979


Why would I put such old work on my website? Well, I love these old paintings. If my studio burns up or floods, these images will survive in cyberspace. These paintings were all done when I was an undergraduate. I don't like a single painting I did in graduate school starting eleven years later, so with the exception of one drawing, they are not on this website. But these long-ago images remain close to my heart.

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