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The Journal Project Introduction

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

I have been keeping journals since I was seventeen. Currently I am on Volume 131.

I have always harbored the idea that I would one day, later in life, transcribe my journals into publishable form. I swore I would start transcribing when I hit Volume 100. Well, that didn't happen. Now I realize I may never have an extra ten years to devote to such a laborious, questionable project.

In lieu of that huge undertaking, I have decided, while I am somewhat incapacitated physically and having trouble painting, to embark on The Journal Project. For The Journal Project I will, at random intervals, but hopefully at least once a week, pick a number out of a "hat" that corresponds to a journal volume number. I will then flip through that volume and publish a random selection from that volume, possibly with current-day foot notes. Names and identifying details may be changed...

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