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Antler Teeth (Volume 31, June 28, 1989 - October 8, 1989

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

September 11, 1989, Monday


My rear-most molar on my upper left side was loose and it hurt. I kept pushing it with my tongue and it got looser and looser and it hurt but I couldn't stop playing with it.

There was something irritating about it. I kept playing with this tooth until it finally fell out and I felt horrible because it was a permanent tooth.

I looked at it and was shocked to discover that the tooth was encased in a plastic deer with antlers. Apparently my dad had done that years before and I'd never known because obviously my rear molars aren't visible to me. But the thing that had irritated my gums all those years was the antlers on the deer. Then I realized that all my rear teeth, upper and lower, were capped with plastic animals of different types. That was my dad's hallmark as a dentist.

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